Affordable, personalised, and risk-free taxi booking anywhere and anytime.

The goal we have in mind...

Devon Express Travel is a tradename of Student Cab Ltd operator licence 42, a Plymouth Taxis service.

Devon Express is driven in making sure you get the most premium, pre-booked taxi rides you can depend on to take you to places. We have one goal in mind and we will do everything we can as a local company to turn it into a consistent guarantee. That is to make sure the taxi ride you book will be there to pick you up in 10 minutes or less. If we are late, it will never be more than 10 minutes from your pickup time. We may arrive earlier than your pickup time but zero pressure will be placed on you because our professional drivers will wait.

For our on demand, more affordable service, please visit Plymouth Taxis 666 777.

Devon Express Travel

Your destination is as important as the journey.

While others may say that it’s not about the destination but about the journey. At Devon Express, both are equally important. We want to make sure the entirety of your trip is safe and stress-free from pickup to drop off, and even during the unexpected stops for fries. After confirmation of your booking, we are geared towards one goal. That is to get you to your destination while offering the most hassle-free trip.

Have your ride waiting for you days before you leave.

That is right! You can book your ride to the airport three months in advance. Instant confirmation after booking will be provided, so all that you’ll think about is how you will have the most enjoyable holiday or the most productive business trip. Say goodbye to stressful airport trips that will leave you drained for the day and say hello to the most convenient and most affordable way to get to your destination. We only accept pre-booked trips, so make sure you plan your trip ahead.

Effortless payment for all your bookings.

No more scrounging your bag mid ride to your destination because all your bookings will be paid conveniently through credit card or debit card. These are our only modes of payment and with this feature, you never have to worry about looking for cash points and stressing over a few quids to complete your fare. If your trip is a month away, you can pay for it during the effortless booking process and all you have to do during the day of the trip is wait for the ride, get in, and enjoy the trip until you get to your destination in peace.

Get the car you need, when you need it.

Saloon, Estate, MPV, or Executive, we have the ride you need for special events when you need them. Book your trips in advance and secure the ride that you want to use for the special day. We are on a mission to make regular and special trips as stress-free and customised as possible. And this is our way of doing it. Making sure you have the car you need, when you need it.
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Drivers you can depend on.

All our professional drivers are CBR checked because we want you to feel at peace before, during, and after your ride. With Devon Express, you are bound to have the most hassle-free on-demand trips around Plymouth.

Look for our app from the App Store or Play Store and experience firsthand why we are the choice of commuters in Plymouth for affordable and stress-free on demand taxi rides.