Things To Do At Devil’s Point, Plymouth

Devil’s Point, nestled within the picturesque coastal city of Plymouth, offers a serene haven for leisurely activities and sightseeing. 

Adjacent to Devil’s Point, the vibrant Royal William Yard further adds to the charm of the area. Let’s explore the array of experiences and attractions in both locations.

Devil’s Point Activities:

Seaside Serenity and Scenic Walks:

Take in the breathtaking beauty of the Plymouth Sound by enjoying tranquil walks along the coastal paths at Devil’s Point. 

The area provides a serene setting, perfect for admiring the mesmerizing sea views and capturing stunning vistas.

Historical Landmarks and Sightseeing:

The historical significance of Devil’s Point is evident through its military past, as seen in the remnants of the Palmerston Forts. 

Visitors can appreciate the coastal defenses and absorb the maritime history with views of Drake’s Island and the nearby waters.

Photography and Relaxation:

Capture striking images of the panoramic sea views and the picturesque coastline. Devil’s Point serves as a magnet for photography enthusiasts, particularly during sunrise and sunset, offering spectacular opportunities for landscape photography. 

The area is also ideal for unwinding, enjoying a picnic, or simply basking in the natural beauty.

Go For A Spot of Sea Swimming

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, sea swimming has hugely grown in popularity, and Devil’s Point is a hotspot for it as it’s slightly more sheltered than other areas in Plymouth and you can get free parking for 3 hours which is a massive bonus.

After you’ve been for a sea swim, head down to The Hutong Cafe for one of their famous bagels and coffee, you won’t want to miss this!

Royal William Yard Attractions and Activities:

Dining Delights and Culinary Explorations:

Royal William Yard is a vibrant waterfront destination, renowned for its exceptional dining scene. The area hosts a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars, providing a diverse range of culinary experiences. 

From gourmet cuisine to casual dining, the Yard caters to various tastes, making it a prime spot for food enthusiasts.

Art Galleries and Cultural Exploration:

Explore the artistic and cultural offerings at Royal William Yard. The area boasts art galleries, boutiques, and specialty stores, providing an opportunity to peruse local art, crafts, and unique finds. 

Visitors can appreciate the creativity of local artisans and explore the vibrant culture.

Events and Entertainment:

The Yard frequently hosts events, ranging from food festivals to live music performances and seasonal gatherings. 

Visitors can immerse themselves in the community spirit, enjoying live entertainment and participating in diverse cultural happenings.

Waterfront Strolls and Relaxing Ambiance:

Take leisurely walks along the Yard’s waterfront, soaking in the historic architecture and scenic beauty. 

The tranquil atmosphere and stunning views of the marina provide an ideal setting for a relaxed day out or a romantic evening stroll.

Shopping and Specialty Stores:

The area boasts a collection of specialty stores offering unique products, from fashion and homeware to artisanal goods. 

The diverse selection of boutique shops provides an opportunity to explore and discover exceptional finds.

Visitors to Devil’s Point and Royal William Yard can also consider exploring nearby attractions such as the National Marine Aquarium, the historic Barbican area, or taking a ferry ride across the Plymouth Sound to experience the scenic views and nautical atmosphere.

Both areas are easily accessible and complement each other, providing a diverse and enriching experience for visitors seeking a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and vibrant urban culture.

While enjoying the charms of Devil’s Point and Royal William Yard, remember to respect the local environment, follow any posted guidelines, and savour the delightful experiences both locations have to offer.

If you are looking to get to Devil’s Point, there is a bus service that drops you off at the entrance to Royal William Yard, or you can pre-book a taxi with Devon Express Travel for reliable, on-time transport. 

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