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Doing things differently

Doing things differently

OK, we accept that at Devon Express Taxis, we are technically the new boys in Plymouth, especially when you consider that we only started the business back in 2021.
However, that shouldn’t deceive you because what’s happened in that period of time is that we’ve quickly established ourselves as one of the very best taxi and car companies in the South-West region. The reason for that is that we’re doing things very differently to the other taxi firms out there.

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At Devon Express Travel, we operate a complete pre-booking system that is mainly driven by our app that we’ve developed ourselves. It’s changing the way that taxis work across the world, and all it requires from you, the customer, is a bit of forward-thinking whenever you want to book a car.
We already have over 50 fully licenced; this includes large 7 Seats cars, all insured and well-maintained cars that service Plymouth and the wider South-West region. We even have a sister company in Devon Access Travel that is there specifically for customers with any special travel requirements. But this isn’t about how many cars we have, it’s about the unique way in which we operate.

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Our app is available to download from the usual places, and what it does is allow customers to pre-book when they know what their plans are. A car is then allocated to that job, and you can even pay for it online, which means you don’t have to mess around looking for cash when you arrive at your destination.
Pre-booking is the way forward for the taxi industry because it allows us as a business to plan ahead in exactly the same way that the likes of DHL and DPD do. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s more about logistics now, where passengers are a bit like precious parcels that are delivered on time, in a much more efficient manner.
At Devon Express Travel we decided to go down this route, not because it makes is easier for us, but because it creates a seamless of way of working that benefits you the customer.
This way round, there’s no waiting endlessly for a taxi, no hanging around in the cold, just a completely reliable car service that turns up on time, every time.
We cover Plymouth, the wider Devon area. We know we’re not the cheapest service out there, but we are a premium service that will never let you down.
So, if you need cars that will collect you on time, every time, then simply book via our downloadable Devon Express Travel mobile app or online at

Thank you and we’ll see you soon.

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