Plymouth Taxi Wedding

Getting married this year? Ask us along

2023 is expected to be a big year for weddings. The reason for that is because many couples decided not to get married during the pandemic and instead postpone to a point where friends and family could attend without restrictions. As a result, 2023 is going to be an important year for so many more couples than normal. When we say ‘getting married this year? Ask us along’, we obviously don’t mean that as guests, although we do love a great wedding (who doesn’t). What we actually mean is that at Devon Express Travel we can provide an unrivalled wedding car service via our extensive fleet of premium vehicles, so let us be part of the plan for your big day. We may well be known as an established car service in Plymouth and the wider Devon area but we have always catered for weddings as well. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be inviting your guests up to a fantastic venue to share your very special day, for half of the room to have to drive home again at the end of it. At Devon Express Travel we’re here to get your guests there and more importantly get them home again afterwards. That way, everyone can enjoy themselves properly. When it comes to wedding cars, we have everything you might need. Chauffeur-driven luxury cars from the brands you might expect (Mercedes, BMW and Lexus) as well as premium people carriers including the wonderful V Class Mercedes which is nearly biggest enough the hold the wedding ceremony itself. Our cars are all licensed, our drivers are thoroughly checked and trained, and our service is second to none. We guarantee that we’ll always get the guests there, on time, every time … even the bride. When it comes to weddings in the area, we cover Plymouth, Devon and the whole of the South-West region. We know we’re not the cheapest service out there, but we are a premium service and when it comes to weddings, we suspect that we may well be the best. Offering your guests a safe and secure car service is a wonderful thing to do and it always rounds off that very special day. You’re saying to your friends ‘come and enjoy yourself, celebrate with us and we’ll even get you home again afterwards’. Everything can be kept onone central bill and ultimately, it’s a lot less expensive than paying for their hotel rooms So, if you are planning a wedding this year then pick up the phone and have a conversation with us at Devon Express Travel or check us out online at Thank you and all the best of you are getting married this year.

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