Why we think we’re a little bit better

OK, this isn’t meant to sound like some sort of arrogant statement about how good we are at Devon Express Travel, but it is something that we can say with a touch of confidence. The simple fact is we’re a premium taxi company in Plymouth and we’re

 very good at what we do. We always try to focus on our own se

rvice rather than our competitors but it can’t go ‘unsaid’ that the industry as a whole has a terrible reputation for turning up late to collect customers. How often have you heard the phrase ‘don’t worry, he’s two minutes away’ or ‘he’s pulling into your road right now’. That, right there, is why we’re different and it’s also why we’re constantly using the phrase ‘on time, every time’ to describe our service.

Of course, it’s very easy to say this but actually seein g it through is much harder. At Devon Express Travel it’s not just a line that we use, it’s actually the firm foundations that the business is built on. You see, when we think about lateness, we don’t just think about the cab journey itself, we think about the wider day that it impacts for the customers that are so important to us. We understand that if you book a cab to take you to the station, then the chances are you’re meeting a train there and the impact of missing that train can be significant. Likewise with flights at an airport or even just an important meeting or hospital appointment. Lateness matters in our business and somehow other cab firms just don’t understand that in the same way. The key to all of this is of course our pre-booking system. If you want one of our premium taxis at a specific time, then simply click through to the www.devonexpresstravel.co.uk or use our shiny new app which is available at the app store. If you do this, then we turn are able to arrange the schedule around you and every other passenger that’s pre-booked. It’s all about logistics. This modern way of operating a taxi company is a bit like the delivery services such as DPD or DHL … it’s plannable and trackable as well as effective and efficient. In simple terms, it just ‘works’ and we can’t believe the taxi industry hasn’t started doing it before. At Devon Express Travel we cover Plymouth, the wider Devon area and as touched on before we even handle airport transfers that allow customers to start their holidays without the hassle of driving and parking. We know we’re not the cheapest service out there, but we are a premium service and we do think we’re a little bit better than the other taxi companies out there. So, if you need cars that will collect you on time, every time, then simply book via our app or online … we’ll be there. Thank you and we’ll see you soon.

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