Taxi Booking in Plymouth

On time, every time, even at Christmas time

Here at Devon Express Travel, we’d like to give you some advice. It’s friendly, well intended advice that’s worth listening to if you want to guarantee a taxi over the next few weeks in and around the Christmas and New Year period. In fact, look at as a tip, a cheat or an easy way to get a cab in Plymouth this Christmas.
The advice is simple … book it in advance and preferably, book it with us at

But if you want an explanation about why that’s the approach to take, then it’s simple. This is the way that modern day taxi firms like us at Devon Express Travel operate. There’s no ‘old skool’ rank out on the street anymore or cabs drivers that are sitting around waiting to be called. These days it’s all about logistical planning much the same as the large scale delivery companies such as DPD and DHL. They do pretty much what we do every day of the year, just with parcels instead of people. How many times have you left a restaurant in Plymouth after dinner and simply pulled out your phone and called a cab to get a lift home. If you try that next time you’re out in town then we guarantee that the answer will be the same from every cab firm … not this evening sir or madam, you don’t stand a chance.
What you’re then left with is a long walk, the last bus ride home or the late night call to a loved one, begging for a lift. The simple way to avoid this hassle and secure a nice safe rid home is to click through to and get booking. The more notice you give us, the more chance you have of getting the car you want at the exact time you want it. Easier still, just download our handy new app to your phone, from Apple Store: 👉 or from Google Play: 👉 it will even take payments.
Also, you should always bear in mind that when we agree a time to collect you, you can then relax, rest assured in the knowledge that we won’t let you down because we always stand by what we say, especially at this time of year.

  ‘On time, every time, even at Christmas time’.

So, if you are planning a special night out in Plymouth this year, an office party or just a few drinks with good friends then take another piece of advice from us at Devon Express Travel.
Leave the car at home, book a taxi with us, enjoy your evening and let us take you home again after it’s all done. Doesn’t that sound like a more enjoyable and civilised way of living your life.
Either way, enjoy your Christmas break and hopefully we’ll be collecting you very soon.

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