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Why pre-booking is the modern way to get a taxi

Why pre-booking is the modern way to get a taxi In the old days, you would plan your night out well in advance. Who you’re seeing, where you’re going and what you’re planning to do while you’re there. But you didn’t always think about how you were getting home afterwards … it was deliberately left open because cabs were so readily available. But times have changed and we now live in a very different world. Back then you probably had a local taxi firm whose card had been handily left in every phone box across the city. You’d phone, they’d answer and a cab was eventually sent out to pick you up. The problem with this outdated concept is that it completely relied on the idea that the taxi firm had a room full of drivers just sitting there drinking tea and waiting for the phone to ring. Things were about to change and the customer was about to benefit from that change. At Devon Express Travel we’ve always been at the very forefront of this modern change and the way we work has always been different to the rest. These days, all we ask you to do as a customer is to plan your journey in the same way that you plan your night out. It’s just about making it part of your wider plan. The way we work is much more about logistics and it’s fair to say that we’ve learned a thing or two from the likes of DPD, Fedex and DHL. Our passengers are, and always will be, incredibly valued customers but the way we operate and plan our schedule, is a lot like the planning that goes in to parcel drop off schedule. If you think about the last time that you had an important or valuable parcel arrive. You knew exactly when it was despatched and when it was due to arrive, you could probably even track it along the way. This way of working gives customers precise timings and guaranteed expectations. In the same way, Devon Express Travel can guarantee arrivals, collections and drop offs across Plymouth and the wider Devon area. It’s a much more precise, well-planned approach and above anything else, it gives you the customer exactly what you want …complete reliability. The key to all of this is of course our pre-booking system. If you want one of our premium taxis at a specific time, then simply click through to the or use our shiny new app which is available at the app store. If you do this, then we turn are able to arrange the schedule around you and every other passenger that’s pre-booked. It’s all about logistics. So, if you need cars in Plymouth that will collect you on time, every time, then simply book via our app or online … we’ll be there. Thank you and we’ll see you soon.

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