Plymouth Premium taxi

Calling All Plymouth Business Owners

What price does your business put on a taxi?

Would you say the fare price itself, or something different to that?

Well, the real price of any business taxi fare is never just the price of the actual fare. In reality, it’s the cost of what happens if that taxi doesn’t turn up on time.We heard a story recently where a local, well-respected business in Plymouth had an important new business meeting with a potential client in London. The meeting was scheduled, train tickets were booked and a cab was arranged to pick up the passengers (unfortunately, it wasn’t a Devon Express Travel taxi).
Now, a cab being ten minutes late never sounds like a big deal, but in this case, it wasn’t just a big deal, it was a huge deal. You see, ten minutes late meant that their train to London was missed and tickets had to be re-purchased at a total cost of nearly £200 extra. The team jumped on the next train and while on their way, they contacted the potential client to explain the situation. Thankfully they were very understanding and agreed to reschedule for later in the day.

However, the problem was, another shortlisted company jumped in, took the original meeting slot and won the client over with a pitch that should never have seen the light of day. The total lost to that Plymouth based business was around £30,000 over the following twelve-month period. Now, let’s be honest, that turned out to be a very expensive cab ride.

At Devon Express Travel, we understand that if you book a cab to take you to the station, then the chances are you’re meeting a train there and the impact of missing that train can be significant. Likewise with flights at an airport or even just an important meeting or hospital appointment. Lateness matters in our business and somehow other cab firms just don’t understand that in the same way.
The key to all of this is of course our pre-booking system. If you want one of our premium taxis at a specific time, then simply click through to the or use our shiny new app which is available at the app store. We also have corporate account facilities which are perfect for businesses, with one important benefit being priority booking every time you use it.

So, if you need cars that will collect you on time, every time for business, then why don’t you talk to us at Devon Express Travel about opening a corporate account. We never shy away from the fact that we’re not the cheapest cab firm in Plymouth, but we are the best and that’s what makes a real difference when it comes to doing business.

Thank you and we’ll see you soon.

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