Reliability Isn’t Just Something, It’s Everything

Reliability isn’t just something, it’s everything

The American businessman Travis Kalanick once said that as a society, ‘we want transportation as reliable as running water’. If you think about it, we rely heavily on transportation for both our business and personal lives, whether that’s trains, planes or even automobiles and he’s absolutely correct about the ‘running water’ bit. Turning a tap on and getting exactly what you want, whenever you want it, is about as reliable as it gets in a modern, established world.

But what’s this got to do with us at Devon Express Travel? Well, that’ a fairly simple answer, because our business is based on the sort of reliability that Mr Kalanick is talking about right there.

A premium car service like ours based in Plymouth is nothing without reliability and if you were to ask any of our clients, you’d never to be too far away hearing that word if they were to describe Devon Express Travel.
But the word ‘reliability’ means so much more to Devon Express Travel than just our cars turning up on time. It creates reassurance for our customers, it delivers an element of security knowing that they’ll never be left waiting out in the cold and it brings a degree of comfort … literally in the case of our extensive range of premium cars.

‘Reliability’ is the one word that sums up our whole business and if you like, it’s the basis for our unofficial tagline which is ‘On time, every time’. When clients book a car for specific time with Devon Express Travel they do so for a reason.

We don’t question what that reason is, we just make sure that we’re there when they want us to be. That could be for a business appointment, an evening out, a hospital appointment or if they’re got a plane to catch, whatever it is, it’s been booked at that exact time for a genuine reason. All we do is make sure we’re there as requested by the client and as promised by us.
So, if you like ‘reliability’ is a word that the Devon Express Travel business is based around completely. We cover Plymouth and the wider Devon area. We know we’re not the cheapest service out there, but we are a premium service that will never let you down and why?

Because we’re reliable.

So, if you need cars that will collect you on time, every time, with an unrivalled level of reliability, then simply book via our downloadable Devon Express Travel mobile app or online at
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